Our Services

Adventurous Machines offers a bespoke electronics design service to take your product from concept to reality. By employing the latest engineering practices we produce robust products that are rapidly adaptable to new challenges.

Firmware Development

We bring together expertise in both electronic and firmware development as we recognise that the integration of both these aspects is crucial for effective product design.

Embedded Systems Engineering

We design systems at both ends of the capability spectrum: from resource-constrained microcontrollers to powerful systems that can run Linux and complex language VMs.

Product Development

We listen and respond to the needs of our clients using an iterative and collaborative approach. We will support you through your lean experiments and requirements‑gathering process to maximise learning.


We design, manufacture and test prototypes with a quick turnaround time.

Design Review

Our experienced team brings a fresh and distinctive perspective, providing expert advice and guidance throughout your product's design process.

Automated Test

Testing is a vital part of the continued development and maintenance of your product. We design for continuous automated testing from the start to ensure reliable results.

PCB Design

We design PCBs to fit the mechanical constraints of your product.

New Challenges

We enjoy collaborating on new ideas and are always interested in novel technologies and approaches. We offer flexibility, bringing in new members of the team as required, to ensure the best possible outcome for your product.

Our Work


Elvie Pump

The Elvie Pump is the world's first silent, wearable breast pump. Winner of several design awards, it is a permanent exhibit in the London Design Museum, and is available for sale around the world.

Adventurous Machines has played an integral role throughout the development of this innovative product, creating novel electronics and firmware to transform the experience of breast-feeding women globally.



doppel is a wrist-mounted device designed to enhance the user's wellbeing through inducing a state of relaxation or concentration by simulating the 'lub-dub' of heartbeat. The silent vibration helps the wearer to feel calm and focussed.

The concept of this wearable device included a gesture-based interface with no display, which inspired Adventurous Machines to devise a novel solution to this design challenge.


Litho Controller

The Litho Controller is a wearable controller for augmented reality, allowing users to interact with objects in the real world.

Adventurous Machines provided guidance and advice to support the development of the electronics for this device, which presented a significant challenge due to its small size and consequent space constraints.


Elvie Trainer

The Elvie Trainer is an award-winning Kegel training device that uses biofeedback techniques to strengthen the pelvic floor leading to associated health benefits. It is recommended by health experts and available through NHS clinics.

Adventurous Machines worked to develop this product to fulfil exacting power and size constraints to ensure that it was an acceptable and functional device to aid and improve women's health.

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